Taking a break!

Hiatus until Nov. 5th… school-related reasons, of course!

Upcoming healthful recipes for the holidays:

~Simple Honey Cookies
~Chewy Spice Cookies
~Seven Layer Bars
~Chocolate Clusters
~Apple Upside Down Cake
~Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

Will be back in the kitchen after exams!

  • Caroline

    I’ve only just found your blog, and I love it!!! Your recipes are fantastic – thank you!

    Hope your break is productive, good luck!

  • Anonymous

    You rock! I can’t wait to see your new recipes! Hope exams go great for you!

  • beth


    Can’t wait, Lauren!

  • gd

    PUMPKIN GOOEY BUTTER CAKE??! Those are my four favorite words in the universe.

    I can’t wait!!


  • Emily

    Hey Lauren!

    LOVE your site! You’re quite the low carb Martha Stewart :)

    You might not be checking this until after exams (I should be studying now as well but, alas, the CO bark calls me…I digress) but quick question– is your favorite powdered Stevia NuNaturals No Carb or something…I can’t remember the exact name. At whole foods, right? TIA.

    Keep up the great recipes! I can’t wait for the pumpkin gooey butter cake either! Drool…


  • Lauren

    Caroline – Thanks for stopping by!

    Penny – Thank you!

    Beth – Stay tuned!

    gd – Those are my favorite words too! :)

    Emily – “Low carb Martha,” Haha! Your comment made my day. The stevia I use in all of these recipes is the Pure Stevia Extract, NOT the NoCarbs blend. The Pure Stevia Extract is the most concentrated type, with no bulking agent.

  • Anonymous

    Your blog is my ultimate addiction! Keep up the good work!
    And good luck with school.


  • Sophie

    I can’t decide which one I want to see on here first! Good luck with school :).

  • bethinNC

    waiting…not so patiently. I’ve missed having your new recipes to check out!

    I hope school is giong well!

  • Lauren

    Lulia – Thank you! Stay tuned…

    Sophie – Thanks for stopping by!

    Beth – Got some recipes coming your way over the next few days!

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