Product Review: NuNaturals stevia

This review is long overdue! I decided to write this post after trying another terrible tasting brand of stevia yesterday, in a fit of desperation. Desperation to do some low carb baking, here in my hometown for the week, without my beloved stevia…

NuNaturals makes the ONLY non-bitter pure stevia extract I have ever come across (and I’ve tried many!), free of fillers. It’s by far the BEST brand of stevia extract, used in all of the dessert recipes you see on this blog.

The trick to making delicious sugar-free sweet treats with stevia is simply using the proper amount. Less is more. Some of the sweetness in stevia “bakes out,” so you must make the batter a bit sweeter (almost to the point of bitterness) than you want the baked good to be. The trick to getting the best flavor with stevia is to combine it with another natural sweetener. Stevia alone does not yield the best results in many applications. In baked goods, I pair it with erythritol, because erythritol imparts some of the textural properties of sugar. Erythritol has none of the side effects of the other sugar alcohols (ingesting reasonable portions). You must taste as you go when working with stevia. You officially have permission to eat the dough!

I get NuNaturals Pure Stevia Extract at my local Whole Foods for $8.99 for 1 oz, and online at for $8.39. If you don’t bake as much as I do, it’ll last you quite awhile! Considering it only takes 1/16th of a teaspoon of pure stevia extract to sweeten one mug of creamy (organic!) coffee with no calories or carbohydrates, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Interestingly enough, my tastebuds have grown to like stevia so much that sugary sweets now have an “aftertaste.” I’m considering investing in the large size container at some point. How many healthy cupcakes could THIS bad boy make?

The Oregon based NuNaturals company sent me a sampler package ages ago, which I happily worked my way through. Here are some of their other tasty offerings:

Alcohol Free Stevia! This tiny dropper bottle is ideal for tucking in your purse. Perfect for sweetening a cup of coffee on the run!

Stevia packets
! Ditch the pink, blue, and yellow. Go for the purple!

And just to tempt y’all, here are some upcoming treats. Am working on that chocolate peanut butter pie, which is going up this weekend! Promise.

Chocolate Pudding Pie
with a PB Cookie Crust
Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Fruity Sherry Cake (Grain-Free)

Fruity Sherry Cake

Share your experiences with stevia! What brands/methods have worked for you?

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  • ms. v

    I have been dying to see that chocolate pie recipe! I can’t wait until you post it! :)

    I hope I can find nunaturals stevia in my area. NOW brand is just harsh. I almost bought the sweetleaf concentrate (I do like their flavoured liquid), but ended up balking. which I’m glad about after reading your review! :)

  • Shannon

    I love this stuff. I just started on an induction-like low-carb week on Monday and this stuff in chai or coffee with raw cream has been my go to snack when I’m feeling a craving coming on.

    BTW… what is your low-carb experience? Did you lose weight or just see health improvements. I have done this before and feel much better when I do.

  • pigpigscorner

    I wonder if I can get this here, sounds like good stuff!

  • pigpigscorner

    Head over to my blog as I have something waiting for you =)

  • Chris

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Chris

    I will have to try the NuNaturals. I use the Now Stevia Extract (powder not the glycerate) and SweetLeaf Liquid. I like both well enough but they aren’t perfect. It seems like I can use any brand as long as I don’t overdo it.

  • Elizabeth

    Damn woman, how do you come up with all these evil baked goods? You have more baking prowess in your pinky than I do in my totality! I can’t wait to see that chocolate peanut butter pie.

    BTW I had always thought stevia was kind of nasty but I knew in the back of my mind that you always used this NuNaturals brand. Well I saw it for the first time at my Whole Foods about 2 weeks ago so I picked it up. I have to agree with you…it is hands down the best stevia I’ve tried. I’ve only used it for drinks so far, but it’s been far farrrr superior to any other brand I’ve tasted.

  • Meagan

    Great post! I look forward to seeing the recipes :) I have been using Sweet Leaf stevia, and I just might have to try NuNaturals now. But I’ve got LOTS left of my current stuff..

  • Jen

    I have just come across you blog and I love your recipes. I’ve been using Stevia with a little xylitol for my recipes, but I think that the erythritol looks like a much better option so I ordered some.
    I have bought the big 1 lb bottle of NuNaturals stevia from It is such a good value. The expiration date on mine is 8/11 and I bought it about 6 months ago so I’m guessing shelf life is about 3 years.
    Thanks for your great recipes.

  • Carla

    I can’t find that brand around here but when I’ve used up most of my stevia (or whenever I can afford to order, which ever comes first ;) ), I will order some. They actually have reasonable international shipping. I use life brand from Shoppers Drug Mart which isn’t too bad because it’s what I’m used to.

    Can’t wait to make that pie!!


  • Sophie

    Wow you are quite the expert when it comes to sugarless baking! I am so envious of your knowledge and skills :)!

  • Ricki

    Hi Lauren! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog–glad you like the sound of the grain-free pancakes! And thanks for leading me here. :)

    I use stevia quite a lot, but rarely for baking. I’m amazed by what you’ve come up with here. The brand I like the best is called NOW (I’m not sure if it’s only available in Canada, though). I use the liquid and find absolutely no aftertaste (or maybe it’s just my weird palate!!) ;)

  • Gwuinifer

    I gotta tell ya, Lauren– I bought a jar immediately upon reading your post. You oughta hit NuNaturals up for a cut of the profits! :D

  • Rachel C

    No kidding, you should! go here:
    – i just bought some and wished I could have thrown you a “reward”! :)

  • Anonymous

    Based on your earlier recommendation, I ordered the NuNaturals Stevia pure extract direct from the company. It is so much better than any other stevia I have tried. I find that it can sweeten most things by itself very nicely with no bitter after taste. I had been using Sweetleaf and mixing it with erythritol. NuNaturals is much better tasting and sweeter. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

  • Sweeteater

    The chocolate pie and the Sherry Cake look awesome! Can’t wait for the recipes! :)

  • Lauren

    ms. v – I hope you can find the stevia!

    Shannon – It’s great to hear that you enjoy stevia as well! The very first post of this blog somewhat documents my sugar-free experience. Good luck with induction! Will have to expand upon that at some point… :)

    pigspigscorner – Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Chris – I’ve had a similar experience to yours with stevia, but NuNaturals far exceeds the rest in taste! Hope you get a chance to try it.

    Elizabeth – You are so funny! I am so glad you tried the stevia. I’ll be keeping an eye out for some new sweet recipes at your blog!

    Meagan – Hope you get to try the stevia after your Sweetleaf runs out! It’s different in a good way. :)

    Jen – Thank you so much for sharing the expiration date of the large size of stevia. Hope you get a chance to try some of the recipes here!

    Carla – Hope you get to try the stevia… and the pie!

    Sophie – You are always so sweet, my fellow gf chef. :)

    Ricki – Good to see you here! Glad you’ve found a brand of stevia you like across the border. I still have those pancakes on my short list…

    Gwuinifer – Wow, you are so right! How to go about doing this…

    Hope you like the stevia. :)

    Rachel C – Thanks for sharing that link! You always leave such helpful comments, Rachel.

    Anon – I am happy to hear you’re liking the stevia! Thanks for sharing your review.

    Sweeteater – They’re coming your way soon!

  • BkBabe

    Hey Lauren,
    LOVE your blog – just stumbled upon it about a week ago and have been telling anyone who will listen lol. Not much of a baker but you’ve inspired me!

    I am just about to order from, but wanted to hold off until you post your ‘rewards’ info. It would be the least we could do to thank you for your hard work :)

    BTW, besides Emerald Forest, can you recommend a brand of Erythritol? And also, Coconut oil – I’d like to include them in my iherb order.

  • BkBabe


    To locate your referral code, simply login to your reward program, activate your referral code, and pass it along to as many potential iHerb customers as you like—ones who have never ordered from

  • BkBabe

    Hey All,
    Lauren’s REWARD # NIN467. It also gives you $5 coupon off your order for 1st time buyers, and free shipping over $60. Can’t beat that :)

    Code: NIN467

    Thanks so much again Lauren!

  • Rachel C

    Hmmm… I think I bought the wrong one! This one I got turns out to be a stevia/erythritol blend!oops. Still good though, since I usually use them together anyway. It is called No Carb Blend.

  • Lauren

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Lauren

    Bkbabe – Thank you so much for that information! I posted about it in the Creme Egg post. You are the best! As for coconut oil, I enjoy Nutiva immensely. Any erythritol works well. Hope you are satisfied with your order!

    Rachel – That kind is slightly less sweet than the pure extract. Still tastes good, though! You’ll just have to use more.

  • lynn

    I still get a HORRIFIC, bitter aftertaste with hints of alcohol in it evn from NuNaturals. I made a cake last night that willl now go to waste as stevia is so disgusting I had to keep spitting it out. Yet still the taste lingered on.

    So, my questions is: for your recipes including stevia, can I just leave the stevia out?

  • Joanna

    I just bought the NuNaturals Pure Liquid Clear Stevia Extract and just realized it's not the one you use. Do you think I should return it? Or will I get the same results?

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