Blogging Break

Am back at school now with a tough courseload, so I will not be posting (or cooking!) for awhile. In the mean time, check out these tasty links:

Flax “Rye” Bread @ Elana’s Pantry
Grain-Free Zucchini Bake @ Whole Life Nutrition
Grain-Free Coconut Flour Biscuits @ Diet, Dessert, And Dogs
Cultured Coconut Milk Kefir @ The Healthy Cooking Coach

Be back when I have more time to play in the kitchen!


  • gharkness

    Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Say it isn't so! Come back soon, please!

  • Megan Sandoz

    Gosh I'll miss you! Good luck with school and we'll be awaiting you here :)

  • Cathy

    ohhh Man… I understand! Good luck with your studies and post when you can.

    Hey that rhymed! :) LOL

  • Ricki

    Best of luck with the coursework! Looking forward to your return. :)

  • Darcy

    I'm sure your kitchen will miss you as much as we all will. Good luck with your studies!

  • Sherry

    You will be sorely missed! I mean SORELY!!! LOL. Checking up on this blog is one of the highlights of my week. Good luck with this semester!

  • CinnamonQuill

    Eagerly awaiting your return. :)

  • Tricina

    I am so sad about this I'm going to make a second loaf of chocolate apple bread and then cry. Come back soon!

  • Sew

    I love your blog!!!!

    I just started reading and am trying to soak it all in….

    I was wondering if there is anything I can substitute with the
    NuNaturals pure stevia extract….? Stevia gives me migraines for some reason…..I know the packet form does when I put it in my coffee. Can I use anything else? Even if it isn't "low carb"?

  • Jennifer

    All the best with your studies, Lauren. What fabulous, interesting links! The first one – have you now found a bread substitute that you love?

  • Suzanne Turnbull

    Hi Lauren,

    My name is Suzanne and I'm looking to identify influential bloggers that may be interested in working on a great opportunity together with I love your site and would love to put together a giveaway or review using our collection of home décor, kitchen accessories, and furniture that will spruce up anyone’s space! Thank you for your time and I look forward to continuing our conversation if you are interested in learning more!

    Have a great day!

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    800 Boylston Street, Suite 1600
    Boston, MA 02199

  • Whitney W

    Yay school.

    Your blog is like a full time job! I don't know how you do it while you're here.

    But lets bake something fun this weekend and hang out. :)

  • Hannah

    Thanks for your comment, the browned "butter" issue is definitely something to consider. I certainly won't make it on a regular basis, to say the least!

    Best of luck on your studies. :)

  • Stephanie

    waiting anxiously for your return.

  • anna

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I looked a your blog and it helped me in the beginning of my "food shift" from conventional to healthy :) While you're on a break from inventing recipes – I wanted to share one of mine with you that worked out really well.. it's a way healthy pumpkin pie. Enjoy!

  • Doctor Ci

    Well said, and as always everyone has an opinion that may not coincide with others and be the only correct one. Well, thank you

  • Lucie

    I've just stumbled upon this blog after literally years of looking for exactly the content you have on here.

    Yeah, pointless comment but I am just so amazed and impressed. Thank you so much! Good luck with your work.

  • free ads

    Good luck with your studies and post when you can.

  • Message board

    Eagerly awaiting your return. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lauren,

    Just checking your site for Thanksgiving ideas…. miss you and your recipes!

    Come back soon please!

  • 123 123

    Great blog as for me. It would be great to read something more concerning this matter. Thanx for posting this material.
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  • Babs101

    Back viewing lowcarbfrineds and the gluten-free posts and was so glad to see your friendly face again…please keep the recipes coming, I have started gluten-free this week and will need to put my new KA600 to work! I did the happy dance when you suggested to use buckwheat in your molten lava cake recipe.

    Please post what you have been up to, school schedule still busy?

  • mandy

    i had really hoped you might pop in on your winter holidays… haven't been in your kitchen of late? your recipes are just the best thing ever.

  • Ann Katherine

    Hi Lauren. I just recently discovered your blog and I hope you are doing well in school this semester. Maybe you will have time over Thanksgiving or Christmas break to play in the kitchen some. I will check back soon to see. We made your gingerbread cookies the other day. Two of my children adored them. The other liked them better without the icing. I might not have put enough stevia in the icing to make it sweet enough. I thought they were very good! The only trouble we had was storage. They got soggy after sitting overnight. Next time I might ice them as we eat them. I think the icing seeped into the cookie and made it soggy after several hours. Next we are making the brownies. Those look very promising. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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