Good things come to those who wait…

To all of my amazing, supportive readers: The wait is over! You’ll be seeing a new recipe posted every week or so. I can’t make hard and fast promises, but I WILL attempt to designate a few hours each weekend to post, so as to use up some of this stevia (and erythritol! oh my) I received from the wonderful Ron Redding over at NuNaturals. Furthermore, I’d like to show my appreciation those of you who have used my rewards code (see sidebar) and who have made Paypal donations. I am able to restock baking supplies once again! Since I’m a full time college student, every little bit really helps.

Stay tuned! I should have a new post up, featuring a brand new tasty sugar-free dessert, by **March, as I have my first major round of exams to prepare for up until then! Spring break is coming up in early March, which will give me a breather. Sorry for the delay, folks. The recipes are ready to go, but writing up a thoughtful post takes time. If I don’t respond to your first email, please try me again, as I have been on the computer less and less as of late, and sometimes my inbox gets backed up. Thank you for your patience!


Again, I can’t thank y’all enough for your supportive emails, comments, and for spreading the word about sugar-free living! Feel free to contact me via email instead of in the comments please. Have fun with your healthy baking, all!

All the best,

  • Allie Tries to Cook

    Yay! I'm soooo glad you're back! I'm on the hunt for all things sugar-free meringue.

  • ~Oct

    Welcome back to the blog! I'm excited that you will be posting again.

  • Nancy

    Good to see you back. I made your chocolate cake recipe for the holidays, it was great!


    I am so glad to see your back! Can't wait to see what you are baking.


    I am so glad to see your back! Can't wait to see what you are baking.

  • Ranika

    Hey Lauren, I made your Red Velvet cake last night! It took me 3 tries to get it right…the first time, I put too much cocoa. The second, I accidentally doubled the butter. The third time it was JUST right! :) Thanks so much. You really inspire me, and help me enjoy this WOE!

  • Can Eat!

    Great to have you back – looking forward to some more delicious recipes! :)

  • Susan

    Yay! I'm happy to hear you are back! Looking so forward to what you come up with. My mouth is almost watering at the prospect of your new creation!

  • Hana_Caena

    So glad to see you're back!
    I've really missed your sweet goodies!

  • Reignwater

    Lauren, thank you. Even in your absence, I've found your website not only a source of good information, but also of inspiration. I'm a type 2 diabetic with a history of bulemia so I don't dare (or want) to declare foods off limits. However, being able to find healthier, more balanced ways to indulge is critical to all kinds of well being. You are, so far, the only source of information on items such as erythritol that I've found. Thank you for all you've done, and for what is yet to come.

  • Katie

    I'm so glad to see you here on my screen again!!! I *love* this blog and your wonderful recipes.

  • Lara

    I just found your blog and absolutely love it!! Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes with us!

  • Courtney

    :-D yay! Glad to see you back,though I have SO MANY of your older recipes still to try! Thank goodness for long Ohio winters! See you on MUA!


  • mandy

    you were missed! can't wait to see new recipes.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting again. I just found your blog a week ago and made the dairy free chocolate ice cream. It was fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    I just recently found your website and think your recipes are awesome. I made the chocolate "bean" cake and everyone loved it. Thank you!

  • Karen

    Yeah! I'm so glad you are back!

  • T2Nashville

    Thank God you're back! You've been very much missed. I've followed your blog for quite awhile. I'm a weight loss surgery patient who must eat sugar free, and you've been a real inspiration and help to me. Thank you for all you do!

  • Leslie

    Welcome back!

  • rachel

    YAY!! In the meantime I tried the brownies, and they were a serious chocolate fix! Delicious! Even my husband who regards my attempts at healthy baking with two raised eyebrows, admitted they were great.

  • hobby baker

    So glad to see you're back! I only found your blog a couple weeks ago but the recipes I've tried have been fabulous. I just made my second loaf of chocolate zucchini bread. Mmmmmmmmmm… Soooo good. (And so filling too!) I remember how it was trying to bake in the college dorm. It got easier when some of my friends persuaded me to come live in their co-op with a big kitchen, but I was glad to finally get my own little apartment with kitchen my last year there. I had no lack of visitors either! ;) (They called me Betty Crocker.)

  • Anonymous


  • QFMVCunctator

    Yay! I have made and love your rice crispy treats, bean cake, cranberry walnut brownies, magic cookie bars, hot chocolate, biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, and pots de creme. I'm ready for more!

  • annew

    So gladyou are back. I missed your posts but still read your recipes and make some. Thank you. Anne

  • Amanda

    Yay! Welcome back! So looking forward to seeing your next post!

  • Anonymous

    I'm so happy to have you back…. you are dearly loved!

    God Bless You!


  • Jennifer

    Look forward to seeing your creations, dear sweet Lauren. Hope your studies went well.

  • gharkness

    Oh thank goodness! Recipes we can count on! We are so glad you are coming back!

  • Amanda

    So happy to see you again. Your posts on LCF made me worry that you were moving away from LC and might not make your special treats any more.

  • Sarah


  • Kelly


  • Keri-Ann

    yay! I am SO excited to see you back!

  • bethinNC

    You've been missed!!

    Can't wait to see what you'll have for us :)

  • commutergrrl

    w00t! Glad you're back – hope school is going great! – Mee-Lise

  • Mandy

    Hi Lauren,

    I missed your recipes! Everyone is happy you are back.


  • Brandon

    I am so so so glad you are back! This is amazing!

    I have been doing your recipes for awhile now: adapting and changing, and also following them to a 'T'. They are great.

    I cannot wait until the next post!

  • Lauri

    Yum, yum, yum!! I'd better stock up on some erythritol! (Plus, hubby has been asking for more bean cake!)

  • Anonymous

    OMGOODNESS, I am so incredibly happy I found your blog! I'm a food blogger as well, and I get kind of discouraged in a world of high-carb food blogs. I'm so excited to try your recipes. I already have your coconut pound cake as number one on my to-do list =)

    - Gracie

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a recipe for a low carb carrot cake? My dad is a huge fan and I want to bake him one for his bday! Love your site! Awesome recipes!

  • Anonymous

    WELCOME BACK!!! We all missed you!!! Where is the recipe for this amazing looking cupcake that is show at the top of this page. I can’t wait to try it!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm so glad you are back! I haven't found any blogs that compare to yours and I was afraid you had called it quits. Again, so glad you are back. Can't wait to see the new recipes. I've tried so many of the old ones and loved everything!

  • オテモヤン
  • MadCooks

    hey! we've been lurking here for awhile, cuz your recipies are awsome! In fact, you've inspired us to make our own blog of culinary experiments. Thanks!

  • time4t

    You have really enspired me!
    I have struggled with my weight for years, unsatisfied with what our "health officials" claim. I am enthusiastic as i begin a new journey down a road toward better health. Thanks again!
    – ps.
    I have a question about erythritol, how do you count its carbs? I bought some from whole foods and it has a lot of carbs, but no calories. Are there numerous types of erythritol with lower carb counts?

  • Leigh

    Lauren, so glad to see you're coming back,woohoo! This is by far
    my fave blog, as I don't eat sugar
    either. I'm eagerly awaiting your
    book deal, any news,lolol?! So many bloggers have been published, and I think you should be as well, for sure, and then I won't have to use so much paper printing out your great recipes, lol! all the best, Leigh X0X


    WOW – Just found your blog. Great stuff! Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Rachel C – thinladysings

    Yay, you are back! So excited!

  • Melissa

    These look so delicious (even though I love sugar).

    Perhaps we should have a study break one weekend and make some of these?

    *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* ?

    You'll be happy to know that I have given up soda and, temporarily, caffeine.

  • Anonymous

    thankyou!!! you should make a cookbook!!

  • kayla

    YAY! I missed your yummy recipes!

  • Anonymous

    Where is the recipe for the picture above? ( looks like a cupcake with chocolate icing)

  • Julie

    I just found your blog. Someone posted a link to it on one of my Weston A. Price yahoo groups. Your recipes are phenomenal!
    My husband and 3 year old son have turned their noses up at my attempts at coconut flour pancakes. Your flapjacks, however, were eaten with relish.
    I tried your tortilla wrap recipe tonight. I was so excited to try it I went out today to get a silicone mat. It worked great and I can't wait to have some wraps and mexican food. And try the chocolate bean cake, and chocolate apple bread…
    I can't believe you're a college student. You rock!

  • bethinNC

    Where are you? I'm drooling in suspense LOL. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  • Theresa

    Hi Lauren! Welcome back! What talent you have for being so young! Thank you for your wonderful blog & recipes!

  • divalou

    ive seriously fallen off the LC / SF wagon since you left! Im getting back on with you now :)

  • Daynip

    Just wanted to say that I ABSOLUTELY love your blog! I have recently decided to go on a low carb diet (originally was gluten free, then changed to no grain and no artificial & high glycemic natural sugar) for health reasons. I have been dying for something sweet and ended up nibbling on fruit to satisfy my sugar cravings. It's a pain to go out with friends who consume so many things high in carbs, but I managed to keep on going. I feared the day I would have to go to a friends or relatives birthday party because of ice cream and cake, so I looked for a dessert that was low in carbs to bring along. I stumbled upon your site, and I am so happy I did, you really know your stuff! I too, have recently been reading a lot on nutrition. I'm actually a biology major and wish to become a physician assistant. Thanks again for all of your recipes! You are an amazing and awesome person!

  • speedwell

    time4t wrote: I have a question about erythritol, how do you count its carbs? I bought some from whole foods and it has a lot of carbs, but no calories. Are there numerous types of erythritol with lower carb counts?

    time4t, the carbs in erythritol don't count. Sugar alcohols like erythritol, xylitol, and sorbitol appear as carbs on the nutrition label, but the body does not process them as carbs. Subtract sugar alcohol carbs from the total carbs when figuring the carb count of a food that contains them.

    Beware of sweeteners that are blends of a non-carb sweetener and something like lactose or dextrose, though. Those are real sugars and contain real carbs.

  • Anonymous

    Pleaaaaaase tell us Key Lime Pie is your next creation – based on your first paragraph…please!!!!

  • clark

    Please do keep your recipes coming. Looking forward to more.


  • putra

    i love your recipe. thanks for share i like it so much

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    This is really awesome blog post. keep posting such an interesting information. Thanks very much!

  • clairela

    I have recently (one week ago!) given up refined sugar and flour to attempt to get rid of some chronic health problems after doctors didn't help me… and I feel SO amazing eating a plant-centered diet! (I am also giving up meat except for seafood). I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration.
    Your blog means a lot to people like me, who want to enjoy life and satisfy their sweet tooth without resorting to harmful habits.

    Thank you so much for your posts!

    p.s. I am making the bean cake right now!

  • Lauren

    Claire – Happy to hear you've found a diet that makes you feel great. I am so happy that you are inspired by the recipes posted here. Let me know how the cake turns out for you. Best wishes with sticking to your plan!