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Truvia Sweetener Review + How to Make Your Own Truvia Substitute in Bulk (Much Cheaper!)

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School is back in full swing, but fear not, readers – I am going to continue blogging while taking classes this year! In addition to recipe posts, I’ll be doing reviews of products that are buzzworthy. An item I’ve received questions about is Truvia, sweetener that became widely available in grocery stores in 2011.

Truvia and NuNaturals Stevia and Erythritol

Truvia is a blend of stevia extract and erythritol, the two sweeteners I have been using since 2008 in the dessert recipes on this blog.

Scroll down for my recipe for cheaper, tastier homemade Truvia substitute + photos of how to make it! I came up with a sweetener blend that’s a one-for-one substitute for Truvia after purchasing the real deal a few times (@ $7.99 per 9.8 ounces, yikes!) to test it. A premixed blend of stevia and erythritol is convenient for smoothies and coffee, but I still prefer to use stevia and erythritol and separately.

So, how does Truvia stack up with similar sweeteners? Read on for my review!