Vegetable Glycerin/Glycerine

Vegetable glycerin is a plant-derived sweetener that is crucial for making sugar-free homemade ice cream that remains soft and scoopable after freezer storage. Recipes containing vegetable glycerin require a lot of fat (e.g. heavy cream) or strong flavors to mask its somewhat sharp aftertaste. Fortunately, a small amount of glycerine goes a long way!

Glycerin It is an alcohol that your body metabolizes as a carbohydrate. It contains more calories per gram than white sugar (4.3 calories/gram vs 3.7 calories/gram in sugar), but it has a low glycemic index, therefore it does not cause an insulin surge or dramatic spikes in blood glucose levels.Glycerin also does not contribute to tooth decay.

A little bit of glycerin will go a long way towards making your sugar-free ice creams soft and scoopable! Sugar-free ice creams tend to freeze into a hard rock without a little help from glycerine and inulin, a plant-based fiber. 

You can get glycerin for the best price in a 16 ounce bottle. It should keep indefinitely in your pantry.

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    Hi, is it possible to substitute glycerine with polydextrose, inukin or anything of that sort?


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