Sheila Kraus

Thanks so much for all your work and experimenting. I have cut out starches and sugars over the last 5 months, and have gotten my 18 year old daughter on board as well, as we are both trying dietary changes to improve thyroid and adrenal fatigue issues. Your website is a lifesaver! Biscuits, muffins, lemon bars, instant chocolate cake, key lime pie, bread rolls, chocolate chip cookies, coconut pancakes…everything we have tried has been an unqualified smash hit. And we are both feeling better and really glad to be eating this way! I am looking forward to trying this recipe with pecans (sort of a pecan pie bar) and your pumpkin cake to take to the family Thanksgiving gathering this year!

I have continued to enjoy your website and share it with many others looking for healthy recipes. We haven’t had a “reject” yet! My five year old likes to tell people, “Mommy knows the secret… she can make things that are gluten free that don’t TASTE gluten free” (or substitute “sugar free”, as the case may be). Thanks for helping me be a food super-hero for my littlest foodie!

Sheila KrausFredericksburg, TX

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